Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thinking Cap

Got to be brief today because, contrary to the assumptions of some, I do have a full time job (and health insurance!) and it today requires me to spend a great deal of time in the company of ye olde thinking cappe. Which looks like this:

(from the late Nagi Noda, via Beauty and the Salamander)

I did want to drop you this tidbit about new polls that show that the public option has crossed the line and is now supported by a majority of US citizens, which means that the administration, if somewhat tardily, has fulfilled its responsibility to educate we the people about what is a very beneficial plan. Remember this in connection with the town hall screaming, and the 9/12 protests -- now that what a public option is, and what it means, has become clearer to voters, they want it, even though we've also had an excruciatingly complete airing of all possible opposition.

Unfortunately, although a majority -- which is to say, 51 senators and most of the Representatives -- of Congress supports the public option as well, there's no clear way right now to 60 filibuster-proof yes votes. Meanwhile, the administration seems to be lobbying public option stalwart John Rockefeller to support the Baucus bill, to some success. He's the author of the best public option amendment and an ideological leader in the Senate Finance Committee. This is all backroom rumor-style stuff, and it's wrong all the time, though -- Tuesday will be the real test.

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