Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Shorts

A few entertaining links I've run across this week. I'd write more, but I just accidentally had some double-strength coffee and I am flipping the hell out inside.

First, momentously, Auto-tune the News 8 is out, and features Sen. Chuck Grassley, who for a brief time was considered a reasonable, moderate voice on health care in the Senate, but is in fact a total woop-the-loo. He shows up at 2:00, but the whole video is fun:

Also, from the Onion: Man Succumbs to 7-Year Battle with Health Insurance.

And Ze Frank on the "Health Care Argument" at here: he does a better job than I do pointing out that the health care industry shouldn't be treated like a regular business. Also, cereal-box vasectomy.

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