Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Short

Very short post today because I'm going to a cat show for the lord's day. (note: not code. Literal truth.)

In this article, in response to hero Senator John Rockefeller's request for statistics from health insurance companies about profit/care ratios, AHIP (America's Health Insurance Plans) group spokesman
Robert Zirkelbach said, "Some in Washington are trying to shift the focus to the insurance industry rather than talk about solutions to the health care concerns raised by the American people."

Kind of looks like, from my reading, the health care concern most commonly cited by the American people IS the insurance industry.


  1. amen, brother!

    also - cat showz rule!

  2. They do. I am furiously looking for a way to use the picture I got of the ribbon for "4th Best Kitten". Which raises the question, who is my "4th Best Kitten"? Jon Stewart? Roger Ebert? Nancy Pelosi?